Sunday, June 17, 2012

It's about thyme

This week I finally broke the bank for my little vegetable garden. I spent $12 for herbs!

I got six plants at the Clinton-Bailey Market. Let me see if I can name them. I got thyme and rosemary and marjoram which are your basics, and perennials so I am getting my money's worth. And dill, because I love fresh dill. I had planted some seeds but I could not remember where I had planted them and I figured the bishop's weed had come back and smothered them.

Then I got lavender because sometimes I like to make soap and I can put the lavender in the soap.

I already had a few basil plants. Oh, there was one more thing I bought: apple mint. It just smelled so fresh and delicious.

I have a few rules that govern this garden. One is that I have to tend to it or I am not allowed to buy anything more for it. Another rule is that nothing can be too time-consuming. Otherwise before you knew it this would be me:

... and I cannot let that happen. I have Leonard Pennario to think about and I cannot take on any other project too extensive or complicated.

Pursuant to both these rules is a third rule, that when I buy something I have 24 hours to get it in the ground. This is in contrast to last year when I bought a few plants and refused to plant them. They died slow deaths in the front hallway. Every once in a while on my way out the door I would look at them and think, oh, how about that, that basil plant is still alive.

One of these days, mark my words, you will be able to be arrested for this kind of behavior. Cruelty to plants. It is coming!

But this year I am different. I have turned over a new leaf (of thyme).

I planted the herbs quickly but thoughtfully. Whether did it right or not, at least I did think! Then I did a little more clearing away of the bishop's weed.

And I got a reward! Pulling up the bishop's weed I found a half-dozen nasturtia I had planted. Other people write nasturtiums but being just back from Latin Mass it sounds better to me to say nasturtia.

Whatever you want to call them they grow up, with luck, to look something like this.

That was a thrill, finding them. Here I had thought they were not growing. Now I see these big, round leaves about a half-inch across.

Not only that but I found the dill I had planted!

There were these grassy plants with fronds, still pretty small and delicate. I was thrilled! Of course had I not gone and bought a dill plant, I never would have found them. But still.

Congratulatimi mihi! That was in the Gospel this morning. I have written about it before, but in case you do not remember it means:

Congratulate me!

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