Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wheels of a dream

I am in love with my rental car! I have been driving a rental car because someone banged into my car when it was parked and now it is getting fixed.

What is with my car, does it have a big target on it or something?

Remember the Kenmore snow plow? I still avoid Kenmore because of that. Yesterday coming home from Zumba class I took the long way around so I would not have to drive through Kenmore.

But anyway. Good comes out of bad and for a few precious days I have this rental car I love. It is an Impala. Technically known as ...

... Aepyceros Melampus. You know me, I like my Latin.

Anyway, I have had fun beaming around in my Aepyceros Melampus. I mean, my normal car is superior, I am not denying that. Things like the inside of the door feel sort of flimsy next to the heavy-duty stuff I am used to.

But there is that new car smell.

And that new car clean, no dried leaves and Albrecht Discount receipts and Dollar Tree notebooks lying all over the place.

Three CDs and only three CDs stuck in the inside of the door: Beethoven bagatelles, Bernstein songs and Leonard Pennario playing Schumann.

Cleanliness and godliness!

For a few precious days.

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