Monday, April 23, 2012

Sometimes it snows in April

We are getting a spring snowstorm in Buffalo!

Howard just wrote on Facebook: "There are flakes in Buffalo." It is true!

However it does seem so far, knock on wood, that all we are getting is flakes. That is fine with me! I am looking out at my apple tree that already has some blossoms and you know me, hope springs eternal every year that this apple tree will once again crank out apples as it did one halcyon year, I forget which year but it did, it did.

It is fun to hear the radio news enjoying this storm so much. Like watching a puppy running and catching a stick. The announcers were just on the air with the Extreme Weather Specialist from the Weather Channel. We are told that other cities are getting blasted. For the first time this season the radio folks get to say "school closings." There is coverage of our plows getting ready.

Now, you know what, I have checked Weather Dot Com and quietly we have been downgraded to: "Mixed rain and snow, becoming all rain by noon."

I wonder if anyone else remembers the Prince song up above, "Sometimes It Snows in April."

I do!! You know me, big Prince fan! OK, I am kidding, I am not a Prince fan, I am a Leonard Pennario fan, not that anyone would guess, hahaa.

But I remember the song because Baryshnikov danced to it in Artpark. A bunch of us from work went and that is what I remember, the song "Sometimes It Snows in April."

It does indeed!

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