Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Dancing queen

I went back to Zumba class today at the downtown Buffalo Athletic Club. I was very happy about that.

I had so much fun!

I am not sure I could afford the time. One reason I fell off the Web log wagon was, I was trying to get a draft of the book about Leonard Pennario into the hands of an editor who volunteered to help me with it. Which I did, but I am not sure that situation is going to work out.

I found myself saying yesterday: "If it gets too onerous, you can give it back to me..."

And I did not hear: "Oh, no, it will not become too onerous."

I heard: "I will let you know."


My book is onerous!

And that is even without the voluminous discography which I am working on. And a couple of other chapters still in progress. Zut alors, zut alors, zut alors.

But meanwhile there is Zumba. As I said I could not really budget the time but I thought, perhaps it will make me feel better. It will jazz me up.

And it did! They had all these new dances I did not know and I had fun trying to do them. I am without pretention or inhibition in Zumba now. I just dance and I do not care. There were all these guys in the class, was one change. It used to be all girls. One guy dancing next to me seemed to know everything and so I followed him. He looked incredibly hip. Where had all these people come from?

I had so much fun and before I knew it the hour was up. I went home in my Zumba get-up. It was like going home in a wet bathing suit. It felt like summer even though it was chilly so I opened the moon roof. That is what the sun roof is called if it is night! And I drove home down by the river. I admired the lights on the Peace Bridge.

I am exercised! Kind of a new feeling these days because I have not had time for that. I try to walk once in a while but walking does not even count for me.

I must get to the gym more often.

I must.

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