Monday, March 5, 2012


Yesterday was my 1,500th post. How about that?

I must needs write something of great import to celebrate this milestone.


Here is another exciting thing I did over the weekend!

On Friday I was preparing for the soup kitchen so I had to stop by and see what was there. After that I looked across the street at Vinnie D's. I decided to go on over.

My friend Susan at work had just written this story about color, about the bright colors of fruits and vegetables. And so I found myself looking not for Leonard Pennario records, but for bright mixing bowls. You rarely find Pennario records in thrift stores anyway. They are heirlooms!

End result as we say here in Buffalo: I walked out with a big mixing bowl, bright retro blue.

Plus two other Pyrex ovenware bowls, white with a blue pattern, that matched, one inside the other. Like this. It is the Horizon Blue pattern! That is what this picture says.

They were 50 cents each! Probably because they were, well, scuzzy. I had to go home and wash them out. Funny, it was not that difficult to do. You would think they would wash them off at the store because no one wants to buy scuzzy mixing bowls. Except for me!

Now these bowls are gleaming and I have already thrown them into the mix. I used the blue one to marinate pork tenderloins overnight and the medium-sized blue and white bowl to toss Brussels...

... sprouts in maple syrup dressing.

At this rate I can amass a giant collection. What inspired me was, at the soup kitchen I covet their collection of mismatched brightly colored mixing bowls. They have yellow and orange and green and blue, all these psychedelic flower patterns. I love them!

I want them!

Now I am off to a good start.

If only other aspects of my life came together so easily!

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