Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Flower power

Paul McCartney is trying to compete with Howard with an album of the Great American Songbook. Howard is listening right now to "My One and Only Love."

Paul still sounds like Paul and actually I think he does a decent job with this number. Isn't that a nice picture of him up above? My friend Carl, who lives in Portland or Seattle or wherever he lives, walked the dog on Valentine's Day and wrote on Facebook how wonderful it was that all the restaurants were packed and all the men were carrying flowers. And look, there is Paul carrying flowers.

McCartney made a big deal that he recorded the album at historic Capitol Studios where he was awed by the spirits of the great musicians who have recorded there over the years, such as Nat Cole and Leonard Pennario. Well, he did not mention Pennario specifically but you have to assume he was thinking of him! Because McCartney is a thinking musician.

Last night at Valentine's Day dinner Howard and I listened to Cy Coleman.

Howard got a brand-new Cy Coleman album! He found it on eBay and last night we cracked it open along with a couple of lobsters. Valentine's Day is not Valentine's Day without vinyl! See, if Paul McCartney were really serious about his standards project he would release his album on vinyl. Perhaps he did and I just do not know about that.

The Cy Coleman was a great Valentine's Day touch and also Howard sent me roses at work. Not only that but the roses were shipped all the way from San Diego. This is America, baby!

It is hard to put Valentine's Day and all these wonderful love songs out of your mind and go back to work.

One more for the road.

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