Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Mystery fruit

To celebrate my clean house I have purchased persimmons.

Now, what to do with them?

When all else fails, look at pictures. I apply that philosophy to my Pennario book too. If I am stuck I look at pictures ...

... and it helps me to figure things out.

In our alphabetical listing of subjects Persimmons will follow Pennario.

Here is a pile of persimmons!

Here is what I may expect when I cut one up.

Beautiful! Somewhere while looking at pictures I learned that persimmons come from Japan.

Finally here is a picture of persimmons on the bough.

Now there is no more dodging the issue. What to do with my purchase?

What to do?

Mrs. Reagan's Persimmon Pudding looks yummy. I like the mention of the Brandy Whipped Cream.

And Persimmon Cookies.

This is terrible! I am so in the Christmas goodie zone. I wake up thinking, OK, what can I eat today? Yesterday I had pumpkin pie for breakfast. Other people have long eaten their Thanksgiving pumpkin pies. And I did too. But I took the step of baking new ones!

A relatively pious persimmon salad.

Your tax dollars at work: The Smithsonian Institution instructs us on use of persimmons.

This will be an adventure, dealing with this most exotic fruit.

I have never tasted one in my life!

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