Monday, November 7, 2011

One more hour

Yikes, that hour we gained last weekend, I have already squandered it!

I do not know what I did with it!

I am afraid I went and put it with all my other hours. Then it just got swallowed up.

Howard and I were talking the next morning about, we wish that all the computers and everything did not switch the hour for you. You get a satisfaction out of changing the hour for yourself. The clock reads 8:45 and you say, Aha, it is only 7:45. You switch the clock and you feel you have gotten away with something.

Sunday morning I awoke at 7 something or other and I lay in bed blissfully for a few minutes thinking it was only 6 something or other. But no, the appliance had already made the change.

Now it does not even tell you.

Used to be, the computer would say, "Time was adjusted for Eastern Standard Time." No more!

Now your precious extra hour ....

... just goes in with all the other hours. It is like CVS giving you $3 Extra Bucks for your birthday and instead of buying something special with it, a pretty candle or notebook or something, you put it toward your normal purchase of dishwashing liquid, vitamins, whatever.

That hour, it is as if it never existed.

No hour to work on Leonard Pennario.

No hour to cook up a fancy yummy lasagna.

No hour with which to catch up on your Web log.

No fair!

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