Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sunday, quiet Sunday

Suddenly there is football and it is autumn! Today there was this long silence all afternoon while I cleaned my house and tended to Leonard Pennario business. And the rest of the city watched the Bills.

You can go out in the street and there is nobody there! And it is a great time to go to Wegmans.

When the Bills won you knew without watching because it is in the air. The guy next door roared, "Buffalo!" at the top of his lungs. Car horns blasted.

Let's go, Buffalo!!! Yay us!! We beat the Oakland Raiders. "The hated Oakland Raiders," as the paper put it.

I love these Sundays! This gets the fall off to a good start.

Here is what does not get the fall off to a good start. I stopped by the downtown library the other day, and what was in the entrance way but a display of Halloween books for kids. There were all these books on Wicca and Tarot cards and how-to books on witchcraft.

Zut alors and ick!!

Tarot cards give me the creeps.


I do not even want those pictures on my Web log! Tomorrow I will take them down. But for now I just want to illustrate what I mean.

Plus isn't it funny how it is allowed to promote certain religions but not others? I do not see the library promoting my religion. Why not ...

On the bright side it is the fall eating season. And time to make fruitcakes. If you play your cards right (NOT your Tarot cards) and get started now you can have yummy fruitcakes on your holiday table in December.

This is the fruitcake I love to make. I must begin now to shop for the ingredients.

I will time my shopping trip to coincide with the next Bills game.

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