Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Evening at the Bonefish

As I mentioned before my piano teacher, Stephen Manes, visited and played a recital at UB which, you may read one account of it on The Buffalo News' Gusto blog. Very interesting!

After the concert we all went out.

We went to Bonefish Grill. That is a picture up above of Stephen unwinding at Bonefish Grill. Howard took the picture and I cribbed it off of his Facebook page. That is a haunting picture, you know? Stephen should use it on the cover of his next album.

I had never been to the Bonefish before and I found it good! What put me off was the name. They have this bony fish skeleton ...

...  and all I can think is a bony fish and fishbones getting stuck in your throat. That happened to me once when I was a kid. In modern times I would have probably be rushed to the emergency room but at the time my parents said, "Oh, you have a fishbone stuck in your throat? It'll work its way out."

Sure enough it did. But I never did quite forget about it.

I spent a few hours having to swallow around that fish bone!

Luckily I ingested no fish bones at the Bonefish. Actually, all I ingested was red wine. That is one way to get around swallowing a fish bone.

Another thing I like about the Bonefish is, it styles itself Grill, not Grille. I hate when restaurants tack that extra "e" on the end which makes it like a car grille.

On the way to the Bonefish Grill, out in Amherst where I do not wind up all that often, we passed all these interesting-looking places. Joe's Crab Shack, I want to go there even if it is a chain. Kyoto Steakhouse.

It reminds me of where I lived when I was in San Diego with Leonard Pennario. There were all these chains in the part of town where we were. California Pizza Kitchen. Jamba Juice. Coldstone Creamery. All these places bring back memories.

The chains where I dined with great pianists!

I can now add the Bonefish Grill to the list.

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