Sunday, June 5, 2011

Over the rainbow

Today I met Howard over at Office Despot, I mean Office Depot, to get some equipment I needed. Ha, ha! I take this seventh-grader delight in Howard's nicknames for office stores. There is Office Despot and Office Whorehouse. Ha, ha!


Anyway, what I was getting at was, I was reminded how much I love office stores. Here it was, a brilliant bright afternoon, and I am the only person in the whole world happy to be in an office store.

All the packaging!

They hit you when you come in with all these sparkly gizmos. There were fluorescent flashlights and rainbow-colored gel pens and sticky pads with flowers on the side. Everything for a buck or two. You could not make this place up.

Little plastic boxes of sparkly colored push pins and paper clips.

Magnets for your fridge. Little clips for papers. Round Zumba-colored calculator keychains that cost $1. And I loved this: Stylish file folders!

Imagine, I could organize all of Leonard Pennario's concerts stylishly from city to city and year to year.

Speaking of year to year, it is funny how so many things are cheap at office stores. However. However!

They still stick you ...


... ... for yearly planners. You know, those nice little books you can carry around with you with the year organized by months and weeks.

They should be cheap as heck. I mean, right next to them are notebooks just that size, not much different, and they are, oh, $2. But these yearly planners, it does not even matter that now it is June. They still want $10.99!


That is why I just walk around with my year in my head.

La la la la la la la.


Jennifer said...

I love office supplies too. And you need cute office supplies right? They uh, help you stay organized with your writing! Yea, that's it.

I just bought myself a package of colored Sharpie markers today, can't wait to try them out. I "needed" them help me create new logos -- at least, that's what I tell myself.

Sybilla A. Cook said...

When I moved I coldn;t believe the office supplies I accumulated ever since the office stores moved to town, And yes, I moved them all to my new digs.

Cute colored file folders really help me find the right file for my biography of Berta and Elmer Hader, Caldecott winning illustrator/authors, I am working on. I had planned tp sort by color--had a friend who had a differnt color for each drawer in his file cabinet so he could always see where it belonged. But I just grab and go and have too many files and don;t want to take the time to redo them all.

Mary Kunz Goldman said...

Jennifer, were those the Sharpies that were all sold out? I envy you! I do the same thing... tell myself I will use them for something constructive..

Mary Kunz Goldman said...

And Sybilla, what an honor to hear from an actual biographer! I am immediately going to incorporate colored file folders into my biography of Leonard Pennario. Thanks to your inspiration!