Thursday, June 30, 2011

My new appliance

Shame, shame! I have been so busy -- with Leonard Pennario-related work, of course -- that I ordered a new washing machine from Orville's and went for a whole day without even going down to the basement to see it.

It is an Estate washing machine! I chose it because I like estate sales. Anyway, I saw the box in the back yard and knew it was here and I was going to go down and look at it but then I got to playing Schubert on the piano and forgot.

The next day I finally got it in my head to go down and see it. It was sitting there with the operating booklets on top of it, brand spanking new.

It fell to Howard to break it in.

He put in a load today. Before I even got a chance to!

This is one aspect to getting the washing machine that drives me crazy: The other day, two days before the new one was scheduled to arrive, the laundry had been piling up and so I got desperate and decided I would try the old one. It has just been crazy and temperamental and it would not wring the clothes out properly plus you could not turn it on without a lot of trouble. I had had enough of it. But I thought, one more time would not hurt.

Son of a sea cook, that old washing machine sprang to life and worked fine!

It knew it was being replaced!

I am waiting for a study to tell us that appliances are like German shepherds, that they can become as smart as a five-year-old child.

That would explain a lot!

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