Thursday, April 21, 2011

Trailer talk

Has anyone out there in Blog-O-Land ever made a book trailer? I want to make a book trailer.

It would be fun and I would be good at it.

A book trailer seems to be the new thing right now. It is like a movie trailer only you do it for your book to promote it. Which is great for me because I see my book as a movie. Also it would be good because all I have to do is show Pennario's face ...

... and play his music and boom, you will want my book in your lap. You will be crazed and obsessed.

You will want it on your Kindle even if you do not have a Kindle!

It is almost dirty pool. It is that unfair to other pianists and other pianists' biographers.

With my book trailer the big challenge will be to choose what picture and music to use.

My friend Larry would have to help me. That is Larry in Appalachia who has crafted so many Pennario videos on YouTube. There is this one for instance of this simple and sorrowing Chopin waltz.

Ex-aequo avec Mr Dinu Lipatti. 

That is what one commenter writes about Pennario playing that waltz. "The equal of Mr. Dinu Lipatti." Dinu Lipatti was a Romanian pianist who died tragically young and was famous for his Chopin waltzes.

There are other YouTube videos that get me thinking about my book trailer and how we could do it. This one gentleman David Hertzberg created a Pennario video I love. He has Pennario playing this beautiful romantic Brahms waltz. And what Hertzberg does is so simple but so good. He uses images from the record. The simplicity of the music and the artistic concept goes so well with Pennario's ardent and unfussy way of playing.

Then at the end you see the famous photo of Pennario standing by the piano, and finally there is that poignant closeup.

Mr. Hertzberg did a similar video of Pennario playing Schubert's "Serenade" arranged by Liszt. This is a piece I love plus it figured in my time in California with him. Listening to it I love the impetuousness of this, how Pennario puts that Italianate twist to it.. He even goes and throws in his own dotted rhythms. You hear that right about at 1:30. That kills me. Go, Pennario!

And that ending, haunting.

Horowitz's version sounds calculated in comparison. Oh, wait. This is Lent and I was not supposed to throw rocks at other pianists. How am I going to explain this in the confessional?

How did I get onto all this?

Back to my book trailer. The idea will have to be to keep it sweet and short. Ha, ha! That is one way to avoid a cliche! Simply switch the words around. Short and sweet becomes sweet and short. Original thinking!

I am going to start working on it tonight after Holy Thursday mass with my mom.

Which begs one more question. How will I keep my mind off this at church?

It will be a big challenge!

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