Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Yesterday, the way I did on Sunday, I soared like an eagle and put on spring clothes. I wore a spring-y skirt and stockings and I even left my wool hat at home.

Did I ever learn my lesson!

I froze!

So. Today it was a whole different ball game. It was back on with the black tights and boots. I am not so proud that I could not go back on my decision.

I will dress for spring when spring comes to me!

Yesterday it was hilarious because I was running around miserable all day in these stockings and heels. I was uncomfortable and I was freezing. And I had this long day ahead of me without being able to go home and change. I was going to Zumba after work and then I was going to take my mom to the movies. We were going to see ... it takes me forever to remember this title ... "Certified Copy."

Why do they give movies titles no one can remember? It made me think of when I was with Pennario and we saw ... I still cannot think of the title! Because neither of us could remember it. It became a joke with us.

Anyway, after the gym yesterday, I could not bring myself to change back into my stockings and heels. I just could not. So I threw my jacket on over my Zumba clothes and piled my onerous office clothes into my bag and ran. I was wearing my electric-blue Zumba pants. I figured my mom would make me change out of embarrassment but fine, then I would change at her house.

My mom did not make me change!

She thought my Zumba clothes were funny but she shrugged, what the heck. I could not get over that. I was assuming I would have to change. Now I did not and it felt great and illicit, like going to the drive-in in your pajamas when you were a kid.

Zumba pants and sneakers. Bliss!

After a long day of freezing and being uncomfortable!

The only down side to my comfort was that I began snoozing. It had been a long day and I had been up early and I had just had all this exercise. And the movie was kind of avant garde and confusing. It was about a writer who is lecturing in Italy and meets this woman and they go driving through Tuscany. All that happens is this man and woman talk, and talk, and talk. Peripheral people appear here and there but mostly what happens is, this couple, pictured above, talks. Watch the trailer, see for yourself.

Wow. That trailer. Everything in it was in the movie but I have to say, that trailer is totally misleading.

So there I was, sleeping. It was funny because at concerts, I am completely different. I am wired so at concerts I stay completely awake. I can sit wide awake for two hours without moving or making a sound. It amazes even me when I think about it.

But at movies it is as if something disconnects and says OK, Mary, safe to sleep. And it was funny last night because all of a sudden the roles of my mom and me were reversed. My mom was into the movie and kept waking me up so I would not miss things. Afterwards she wanted to discuss it, things that the movie seemed to be saying about men and our relationship to them. Ways in which the man in the movie paralleled my dad, ways in which my dad was different. Why the movie had the title it did.

I stood there staring, thinking, uhhhh...

What did we see again?

Well, at least in my Zumba clothes I was warm and comfortable.

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