Thursday, March 17, 2011

Saints alive!

St. Patrick's Day could well be the coming of spring. Some people say it is and other people say no, it is Valentine's Day.

I love this time of year! It is as if we all go back to the Middle Ages and we are marking the year by the saints. There is St. Valentine's Day and then St. Patrick's Day and Saturday is St. Joseph's Day. After that we are getting on toward Easter and Dyngus Day.

This morning I heard a new spring bird. I do not know the bird but what it does is, it tweets twice, a rising note, and then it has a quick series of lower short tweets.

Does anyone know what this bird is? Whenever I ask a question I get an answer. I will wait.

Today I went to see my mom. It has been days and days. Today I finally decided I would.

Was that ever difficult!

First people from work wanted to go out and get a beer for St. Patrick's Day.

"No," I said. "I have to go see my mom."

I go to Zumba class where I Zumba-ed in honor of St. Patrick, wearing my electric green Zumba pants. And the teacher asked me personally to stay for Zumba Toning. I love Zumba Toning but, "No," I said. "I have to go see my mom."

I go into the locker room. And there I run into my Zumba friend Gigi. Gigi is so nice and she says, "A bunch of us girls are going to Chili's. You in?"

Darn, beer at Chili's, that was tough to turn down! But I said...

... "No, I am going to see my mom."

And then ... finally, there I am at my mom's. And my phone beeps. And it is Howard tweeting at me, "I'm having dinner at Jocko's. Come over and join me."

"No... I am at my mom's..."

Well, my mom and I had a good talk. After all that! This is one funny thing. She always refers to Leonard Pennario as "your guy."

She had been listening to Daniel Barenboim and she said, "How does he stack up against your guy?"

I said, "My guy is better!" That was easy! I wish every question I was asked about Pennario was that easy.

Then I thanked my mom for asking me that question because she knows how I love to answer it.

Meanwhile I had a glass of wine and my mom had a beer, in honor of St. Patrick.

The day ended happily, after all.

Here is a cartoon for St. Patrick's Day.


Unknown said...

Hi Mary,
I'm pretty sure it is a cardinal you are hearing, no not the Roman Catholic kind!

Mary Kunz Goldman said...

Jim, you're right! I have confirmed it here!
I am learning so much about birds!!
I think it so pretty that the cardinal was named after the Roman Catholic cardinal. The birds do have that noble look!

Prof. G said...

There was a Charles Addams cartoon in the New Yorker years ago that showed a couple looking at the bird feeder outside their window. Standing in it was a tiny prelate in full red regalia. The wife, in the caption, is saying to her husband, "Oh, look! There's a cardinal in our bird feeder".