Sunday, March 20, 2011

Moon over Buffalo

This was the picture Howard took of the Super Moon outside over our driveway.

Some people are saying it does not measure up but me, I am grateful to see any kind of astronomical phenomena in the sky. I always miss them.

And then when I see them I usually do not want to see them. There was that comet that was here once for a few weeks. It spooked me and I wanted it to go away. I remember pulling the shades so I would not see it.

But the Super Moon is different.

It is benevolent!

With the Super Moon you could tell there was something unusual as soon as you opened the door. The sky was brighter than usual. Then there was this huge beaming moon overhead.

It puts you in the mood to hear Pennario playing Chopin.

It makes you reflect on life and the hereafter.

It reminds you there are things out there bigger than you are.

I think I am going to go out and take another look.


JS said...

MOON! I saw the moon coming right out of the field. It was HUGE and ORANGE and so bright. Absoultely amazing.

Bingles said...

I missed it :( I went outside several times to try and see it, but there were just too many clouds. The night sky was brighter though, so I knew it was there.

Mary Kunz Goldman said...

What about the Rev. Sun Myung Moon?