Monday, March 21, 2011

Green day

Here I am slipping beneath the wheel again! I have not written in the Web log since viewing the Mega Moon the other night.

Unexpectedly, in a nightmare for my disorganized self, I was called on to play host to our office cooking club. That was Sunday. I did not know I was going to be doing that until the last minute so first I got up, worked on my Leonard Pennario book for a while, went to Mass, went to Zumba, went to Michael's Crafts in my electric green Zumba pants, shopped, bought this and that. Michael's is right next to the gym so I thought, what the heck.

After that was when catastrophe struck and I learned that cooking club would be at my house.

Sturm und Drang!

It was like the time I was holding the family dinner and frittered away that whole Saturday at the gym! Except for this time my boss was going to be there and so was Janice Okun, The Buffalo News' restaurant critic.

At least these days I have Larry cleaning the house so I did not have to vacuum or clean the bathrooms. I just had to de-clutter the place. I am the world's biggest clutter bug. Piles of cooking magazines. But I use them! And records. But I play them!

Always there is the bag of clothes bound for Vinnie D's that somehow cannot make it out the door.

My skis were still in the entranceway leaning against the wall along with the Christmas wreath. I had taken the wreath down off the door but it had made it no further than the foyer.

I needed more toilet paper for the downtown bathroom. Why now?

Finally it was all done.


And would you believe it, I actually had fun? I roasted a couple of chickens from Budweys and the beauty of cooking club is, everyone else brings another course. We had guacamole and chips and asparagus and basil risotto and dates stuffed with cheese.

The guests gathered in the dining room.

We feasted and drank pinot noir and for dessert, we had basil ice cream and cookies, both of which Janice had made, yummy.

Our theme was "green" which explains all the basil.

What about Basil Ford?

Or Basil Rathbone?

There is one more famous Basil I can think of and that is Basil Fawlty.

Unless you count St. Basil the Great.

Thoughts like that were swirling around my head late last night when I was cleaning up.

I was so tired!! I went to bed and sank into dreams.

Dreams of green!

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