Sunday, January 23, 2011

Your ride is here

Yesterday I had the family over to dinner because my sister Margie was visiting from New Jersey. Margie zipped into town on a Megabus.

Has anyone else ever ridden on a Megabus? Margie says it is a riot. It is a double decker bus and you can ride on the top deck in the front and it is as if you are hurtling forward with no driver. I rode on a double decker London bus when I was in London and I remember thinking it was like the Wild Mouse, where they used to have those hairpin turns. It scared me! But then I think London buses are skinnier and more limber than Megabuses.

Margie hopped on a midnight Megabus for her trip back home to New Jersey. It is the red-eye Megabus.

Before all this I had never heard of Megabuses but then this morning on my way home from church I was going down the 190 and what passed me going the other way? A Megabus!

Suddenly they are everywhere!

Margie and I love the driver pictured on the bus because he reminds us of Fisher Price Little People.

Perhaps I will take a Megabus to New York City. I have been wanting to go there and look in the New York Philharmonic Archives for references to Leonard Pennario. Watch, despite the fact that he played with them a whole bunch of times, they would have nothing. "Could you spell that? ... No, I don't see anything." I am used to that happening.

But if it did, who cares? I would still have the experience of the Megabus.

A mega-experience!


Derek J. Punaro said...

I'm a bit wary of Megabus. Their safety record is questionable.!/MegabusCrashes

Mary Kunz Goldman said...

Derek, I am glad I did not know that earlier!