Sunday, January 9, 2011

Theater in the round

Behold my first two round loaves of bread! I made Heidelberg Rye out of my Mennonite Cookbook. They are not perfect because this is not Wegmans. There are extra, ahem, curves from where I tucked the dough under.

The nice thing is I am used enough to baking bread so it is not a big project, just something else I throw together during the course of the day. I made my Heidelberg Rye while I was working on the Pennario book, after going to Hip-Hop Zumba Master Class.

Today in church I was astonished by how fast the year is going. It is the Feast of the Holy Family. We are already over a week into 2011. Son of a sea cook, what happened?

As long as we are taking stock here are pictures of the last few weeks.

The line at St. Anthony's to kiss the Baby Jesus after Mass on Christmas morning.

Howard admiring the mirror that Santa Claus left him.

Howard and Jinx, the family cat out at my sister Katie's, on Christmas night. Jinx is a darling, beautiful, good-natured black cat who wandered into their house once and stayed. That is my brother Tony at right, asleep on his feet.

My masterful photograph of the New Year's fireworks downtown. Ha, ha! You can just about make out the Electric Tower lit up green and red.

There was this beautiful sunset over the Buffalo harbor that I photographed from my desk at work.

The view from my desk at home yesterday in the snow.

And so we hurtle on into 2011.

I wonder what next week will bring!

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