Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The king and I

Last night my mom and I went to see "The King's Speech." We go and see every Colin Firth movie. I have liked Colin Firth starting with "The English Patient" when he played the boring British husband. I did not care if he was supposed to be boring. I thought he was cute.

"I like the husband!" I remember whispering to my mother in the theater.

She said: "So do I! So do I!"

The only Colin Firth movie we have intentionally skipped was that movie where he plays someone gay. My mother and I cannot stand the thought of Colin Firth being gay even if it is fiction. So we skipped that one.

Anyway, last night, there we were, at "The King's Speech." It is an excellent movie and I am going to drag Howard to see it. Because Howard, with his fine sense of style ...

... would observe and learn from the figures in the movie, which revolves around King George VI of England. Howard would appreciate their ceremony, their comportment.

But enough about Howard.

What about me?

I am very me-centric, in case you have not noticed. Watching the movie I kept drawing parallels between the relationship between King George VI and his speech therapist, the Geoffrey Rush character who is challenged to cure the king's stutter, and my relationship with Leonard Pennario. That is a long story but there are clear parallels. Well, I could find parallels between anyone's relationship with anyone and my relationship with Pennario. I am beginning to notice that.

After the movie I went home and went to bed and I dreamed I had met the King of England!

In my dream the King of England was single. I was still married, so do not get all excited. But we were friends and we went out and I was delighted to be friends with the King of England. And here is what killed me. In my dream he told me to keep quiet about knowing him. "No problem," I said. That is what we say here in Buffalo!

Then I dreamed I went to work and all I did was brag about it to all my friends in the office!

Nobody believed that I knew the King of England!

I specifically remember certain figures in the newsroom laughing at me and dismissing me. Ha, ha! I would fix them!

Then I woke up.

No King of England.

Wednesday morning.

The friends at work did have the last laugh as it turns out.

Oh well.

It's a good movie. See it.

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