Saturday, September 4, 2010

Saturday's child

Not that many garage sales today, however, I did manage to score a set of silverware, serving for 12.

Real silver!

For $5!

That and two Italian cookbooks, one of which is pictured at left.  Then there was this vegetarian cookbook from some chi-chi San Francisco restaurant called Greens. The garage sale was waning so I drove a hard bargain and got both these cookbooks in addition to the silverware AND a little cookbook on Entertaining for Six to Eight, all for $10.

Look at me and my haul. I am such a savvy shopper! The great marketplaces of Morocco would not be ready for me. Lucky for them I will not be in Morocco any time soon.

All in all a nice day. My mom was feeling better because the temperature was below 90 degrees. We had Leonard Pennario on the CD player playing Debussy preludes. I worked in a Zumba class in the morning at the Colvin gym.

Howard and I wound up on the patio of my friend Jane's house watching the sunset.

That is the only way to see such a Saturday out.

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