Thursday, September 2, 2010

Heat wave

"What dreadfully hot weather we have! It keeps me in a continual state of inelegance." Jane Austen wrote that and our Buffalo weatherman Mike Randall posted it on Facebook. Everyone is weighing in with opinions on our heat wave.

The best comment comes from a Lancaster guy named Thomas Hughes. How British is that, Thomas Hughes of Lancaster. Anyway, he writes: "I imagine Vivaldi had not Buffalo in mind (if it had existed mind you) when he wrote his Four Seasons Concerto. How does one bring forth Snow ("Fall"), More snow ("Winter"), Some more snow still ("Spring"), and Slush ("Summer") in a composition? LOL."

Me, I am done having opinions about the weather. It is completely beyond my control. I cannot argue it or work to change it because you know what the weather is going to do? Whatever the hell it wants!

That is a joke from my friend Gary. Gary ....

... is single and if you ask him what he is going to do today he will answer: "Whatever the hell I want!" Ha, ha! I like to ask him that question just to get that answer. I used to do stuff like that with Pennario. You could ask him a question as a joke knowing what he was going to answer.

Pennario, Pennario. Guess what I have been doing all morning?

Whatever the hell I wanted! And you can guess what that was.

Finally just now I checked Facebook. I am good about not doing that before it is ready to wind up whatever minimal work time I have been able to scrounge.That was when I saw Mike Randall's Jane Austen quote.

Howard and I laugh about how on Facebook everyone in Buffalo generally friends everyone else. You do not have to know the person. It is perfectly normal in this town to be friends with all kinds of TV people. They interact with you and you get to know them personally.

Once all our weathermen began fighting on Facebook. That would never happen in any other town. Things got bad and people were trying to intercede.

"Gentlemen," someone wrote, "we can't all be right all the time."

It is a wonderful town, Buffalo.

Even if it does threaten to keep us in a continual state of inelegance.

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Unknown said...

Hi Mary,
I find that many of the people complaining about the heat are the same ones who complain about the cold. Garrison Keillor once described his hometown in Minnesota as having three seasons;
Winter just ended
Winter is about to begin
and ... Winter!