Sunday, August 15, 2010

I am a camera

Late last night I got an email from my Facebook friend Brendan asking me to bring my camera to church today and take pictures. I said I would.

"Of what?" I asked him.

The answer came back: Of the altar and the blessing.

Whatever. So there I am at church, bright and early, and I have my camera. And instead of sitting in my usual inconspicuous pew I sit in the front pew. I did not like sitting in the front pew, I realized. I felt everyone was looking at me. Plus it made it more noticeable when I took pictures. What if people got mad because I was taking pictures and not praying?

Well, I said I would take pictures. So I took one.

Not sure if that was the picture that was requested, I took another. That is my friend Brendan in the red and white robes in the middle, to the right of the priest. It is not our usual priest! Our usual priest, Father Secondo, is in Moscow because they are installing a new bishop.

Now I started getting uneasy. What other pictures was I expected to take? What blessing, exactly, had Brendan been talking about? Why hadn't I asked more questions?

Not wanting to be remiss I took this picture.

Then I took this one.

Just to jazz things up a little I snapped this picture of the BVM. That is Catholic shorthand for the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Now I was really taking pictures and not praying!

I adjusted my flash and I think this picture came out in better focus than the others.

Now this. It looks the same as the picture before at first glance. But it is not!

La la la la la la.

I have no idea if this is what Brendan wants. I think I am better at writing about Leonard Pennario than taking pictures at church.

But when I got home I charged up my camera battery.

Next time I get an assignment, I will be ready!


Larry said...

I can see you needing extra batteries someday. Lovely photos.

Bingles said...

Great shots, Mary!

Buffalo Bill said...

We like your new seat at Church... You are now THE OFFICIAL St. Anthony's photographer...