Monday, August 16, 2010

Kvetchin' in the kitchen

My Cooking Blight magazine for September showed up and I am sorry, it is the dumbest thing.

I am ashamed to be a subscriber!

Who cares what it's like to have breakfast, lunch and dinner in London? How about what it is like to have breakfast, lunch and dinner in my North Buffalo kitchen?

That is one thing. Then there is Our 10 Best-Prepared Food Shortcuts. Example: "We love Amy's brand microwavable 6-ounce beans and rice burrito for a light meal when there's a time crunch."

I am not going to microwave a burrito, OK? I subscribe to this magazine because I cook. Cooking Light, you know, the name? Cooking?

Here is another "tip" from this stupid magazine: "Keep bags of Innovasian Cuisine chicken potstickers in your freezer. Build a fast dinner around them ... They come with a sauce, but you can make your own lower-sodium dipping sauce." These dips are always worried about my sodium. You know what, if you just do your own cooking, sodium is no concern. Go ahead and salt your food all you want.

Darn it, I used to like this magazine and here it is circling the drain. Just the cover. "147 Recipes and Tips for the Fast, Healthy Cook." There are about 30 recipes and 117 tips.

Another headline: "How I Came to Love the Pressure Cooker." By Dorothy R. Kunz. OK, just kidding, but it sounds as if my mother would have written it.

"The Top 20 Ingredients for the Quick Cook."

Why is everyone in such a hurry? What are all these people accomplishing?

What, is everyone else writing the authorized biography of Leonard Pennario?

People, if I can cook dinner, YOU can cook dinner.

Microwavable burritos.

Zut alors.


Prof. G said...

Cooking is not my thing, but after reading your post about food, I imagine that there's a very fat person inside of you screaming to be let out...

Larry said...

Can't read this but will say 'hello', lol. Still on my 10 day cleanse.