Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Zumba and the art of classical piano

The more I find out about Zumba the more it reminds me of classical piano.

In classical piano everyone traces everyone's lineage. It is like racehorses! For instance Leonard Pennario ...

... studied with Isabella Vengerova ...

 .... who studied with Theodor Leschitizky ....

.... who studied with Carl Czerny ...

... who, as a kid, studied with ...

.... guess who?

I'll give you a hint.

... Beethoven.

So it is in Zumba, in Buffalo.

There is all this talk about what teacher studied with whom. The two alpha teachers affiliated with the Buffalo Athletic Club seem to be Mary, who teaches the raucous classes I get such a kick out of, and Eileen, who has an equally high-energy but very different style. Eileen is as thin as a whippet and angular and makes these sudden moves this way and that.

Most other teachers it seems can be traced to those two.

For instance there is Laurie whose Saturday morning class I sometimes go to at the Boulevard BAC. She is loud and wild and is much praised because, people have told me, "She studied with Mary."

On the other hand Ellery, who teaches my Zumba Toning class downtown, told me she studied with Eileen. She admires Eileen's artistry, as do I. Ellery still studies with Eileen. When I do Eileen's class Ellery is there too. It is like Pennario continuing to coach with Vengerova even after he was recording and highly successful.

See? Everything goes back to classical piano.

Everything important does, anyway.

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