Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The fridge kicks

Remember a couple months ago when I bought my Bosch stove and Maytag fridge? I just looked it up. It was April 13.

My refrigerator kicked today!

This fridge I had just bought three months ago! At Orville's!

I got home after Zumba class and took a drink of milk and I did kind of think the milk was not as cold as it ought to be. Well, whatever. Then I stuck my hand in the freezer. And everything had melted.

The fridge kept kind of grunting to itself. Well, it is still doing that. It clicks on and runs for about 10 seconds and then it clicks off.

Naturally the service center is closed so I have to wait till tomorrow. And I have all this stuff to do tomorrow. I do not know how I am going to manage this.

The good news is that Howard and I had this feast because stuff is going to go, you know? We had rack of lamb and shrimp cooked up with summer squash and tomatoes and basil.

I made a pot of chili too because as luck would have it I had just cooked up some black beans and they were in the fridge. So we have lunch tomorrow.

Those lamb chops, yum! And shrimp, perfect! I wish I had managed to cook a dinner that great for Leonard Pennario when I was in California. I mean, I tried my best but the planets line up for you like this only once in your life.

My fridge in California should have kicked!

All the same I am angry at this fridge. I have had it what, three months? Meanwhile my old one was not perfect but it never stopped dead in its tracks like this.

We are going to be seeing this more and more in Obama's America as our country turns more and more into old Communist East Germany. We will be driving Trabants.

We may as well get used to fridges that do not work.

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