Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Temperatures rising

It is so hot! I cannot believe I am sitting here Web logging.

This room is like a sauna!

You know what, though, that is how you deal with heat. Just go with it. Wear Moroccan robes and make it a point to spend time in the hottest room of the house. Turn on the oven while you are at it. Bake something! That is what I did yesterday.

Today I made chili to put into corn tortillas and we ate that for dinner.

On the dangerous Fourth we got the charcoal grill going. Above is Howard stoking it up.

Fan the flames, Howard!

Higher, higher!

Our friend Jane came over and ate with us. Here she is above a closeup of the shish kabobs. Observe the bottle of tequila in the picture. We did it up right!

Yesterday I was researching on Leonard Pennario for seven hours in what must have been 100-degree heat. I was polishing up the part about the years 1960 and 1961.

Pennario loved steam baths and saunas.

He would approve!

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Larry said...

I must be doing something bad wrong. Handling the heat by going to the hottest part of the house, turning on the oven and, eating chili? My method is just setting the heat pump thermostat to 77F and forgetting about it, lol.

Also, try losing the bottle of Tequila. Way back in my 'drinking days' I learned that eating and alcohol do not go together. :)

Try to stay cool. This east coast is roasting today (outside)!