Thursday, July 1, 2010

Sensual pleasures

 It is fun to think about the things that bring pleasure to your days. Already we have discussed Candle-Lite Candles, and the Cinnamon Pecan Swirl candle.

Here is another thing, all this week I have been binging on Pennario playing his transcription of the Johann Strauss "Emperor Waltz." It is an amazing thing to hear and I just like to sit there and listen to it with my mouth open. It is in the same spirit as his playing the Schulz-Evler "Blue Danube," to give you an idea. It is a good thing I do not have the Schulz-Evler "Blue Danube" on CD yet or I would be hooked on that too. And this is stuff you should not listen to all the time. It is too stunning, too rich.

But I cannot help listening to it. Because you know why? It just brightens my day and now I am like a crack addict, I need it or else I do not feel good.

Speaking of pleasures there is also the VO5 Strawberry Conditioner.

Not the shampoo! The shampoo is not the same thing!

It is the conditioner you want! I put a picture of it with this post as a public service. That way if you see it in the drugstore you will know it.

How in the world did they make this stuff smell so good? It smells like strawberry ice cream. I have long been an admirer of V05 Shampoos, because sometimes you can get them as cheap as 50 cents a bottle. They used to have this flaw in that you had to unscrew the top while you were in the shower. But now they have the little flip-top the way other shampoos do so that is not a problem any more.

This stuff, I am telling you, unbelievable.

If I am ever found dead in the shower it will be because I have finally given into my temptation to drink my V05 strawberry conditioner.

OK, I have to run.

It is time for my "Emperor Waltz" fix!

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Larry said...

I always heard that when you drink the strawberry V05, it is best to cut it a bit with some Boone's Strawberry wine. :)