Tuesday, June 15, 2010

This old house

Big news on Big Blue!

The Junior League is considering it as their 2011 Decorators' Show House.

They are sending a committee over on Saturday to look at it!

What if the bat flies right in front of the committee's faces? That is what I am worried about. Howard says I have to write about this whole business on the Web log now, before the Junior League comes over and sees Big Blue and runs away from it as fast as they can.

I do believe that Big Blue would be good for the Junior League's purposes. It is downtown and they would get big crowds because it is easily accessible to all and also all the downtown workers would want to come over on their lunch hour and see the place. Plus people in Buffalo are curious about this building. It is just so visible. It is practically across the street from City Hall.

But you never know how people are thinking.

When the Junior Leaguers walk in they will either love Big Blue or they will hate it. It is definitely a case of "Bring your imagination and let's talk." We have pictures on the wall of Leonard Pennario and of Jackie Jocko but that is about as much decorating as we have done. Well, there is also a painting of Mississippi John Hurt in the entrance way. We have it there for our own reasons.

Look at that. There are all these videos of Mississippi John Hurt performing.

Whereas I can hardly find one of Pennario!

Oh well. (Long sigh.) Back to Big Blue. One thing, joking aside, Big Blue is one great historic home. It is the last house of its kind to survive on Delaware Avenue downtown. It is our last glimpse of what Delaware Avenue looked like in the Civil War era. There is also a romance involved in bringing a house like that back after all the years it spent as gay bars and rooming houses and other, um, non-house issues.

It would definitely be a switch for the Junior League.

That is for sure!

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Larry said...

You know what? I would not worry as much about the bat making an appearance as I would about Howard making one after he had been crawling through the ash down below and coming up covered in it! That was cool! :)