Saturday, June 12, 2010

Let it burn!

I squeezed in another Zumba class today before going garage sale-ing with my mother. Zut alors, I could Zumba  for only 45 minutes because I had told my mom I would be over around noon, and the class did not start until 11:30. But that is me, always rushing off somewhere.

This Zumba class was at the Buffalo Athletic Club for Women. I am used to the co-ed gyms and this was different. Actually I liked it. All around me were Pilates classes, yoga classes and other activities that I liked. The desk was staffed by women and they were all really cheery. And the sound system was quiet and seemed to be playing exclusively women singer-songwriters singing about love and peace.

It was so relaxing! That is not something you say every day about the downtown gym. I do like the downtown gym but it is not exactly relaxing.

The Zumba class though was louder and more raucous at the women's gym than it was downtown. Simply put, it was insane. I told a few of the gals near me, "Don't follow me. I'm lost too."

The instructor was this big wild muscle woman and she kept yelling things like "Squeeze it! If you don't no one else will."

Ha, ha!!

While she was jumping around she sang and we were supposed to, too. There was one song which now, Googling around, I can see is sung by a group called Pitbull. "The floor is on fire! The floor is on fire! We don't need no water! Let it burn, let it burn, let it burn!"

I have no sense of rhythm and have absolutely no idea what I am doing but what the heck, I am here to burn calories, not become a great Latin dancer. Plus years ago, when I used to go out dancing with my friends, I learned the secret of survival on the dance floor. It is simple: You smile. If you smile everyone assumes you know what you are doing.

Let it burn!

I went from Pitbull to Prokofiev at the Buffalo Philharmonic. And tomorrow morning it is time for Gregorian chant! It is a special Sunday tomorrow. It is the Feast of St. Anthony. He is the patron saint of lost objects as I may have mentioned once or twice. He helps you find things.

I hope he helps me find relaxation after my exciting day.

It will not be easy!

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Larry said...

Mary, you have such a wonderful attitude! :)