Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Death in a green bottle

The other night I stopped by a friend's house and in egregious error accepted a cocktail made with Chartreuse. There is this liqueur called Chartreuse. And much as I enjoyed the evening I have to say that drinking that cocktail was a most imprudent move. I am never drinking Chartreuse again, I will tell you that right now.

Chartreuse makes you chartreuse!

That is a picture of Chartreuse up above. Here is another picture that will serve as a field guide to various types so if you see it you will be readily able to identify it and steer clear.

I do not deliver these warnings lightly. However this is the second time I have drunk Chartreuse and both times have been awful.

You do not even get the fun of drinking to excess! Just a few sips of this stuff and you are in trouble.

That is not fair. At least when you are hung over you should be able to think well, I had all that fun. This situation reminded me of what Leonard Pennario told me about a time in the Army when he pounded an evil drink. I laughed and laughed, hearing him tell that story. But when it happens to me, it is no joke!

Notice Pennario withheld that story from this interviewer.

I am not the only one to feel the ill effects of this green stuff. There is this Web log I found just now, Googling around.

The moral of the story:

Stick with wine!


Larry said...

Funny. I still like Leonard's telling about 'the cheese' on the Kraft Music Hall show. Are you aware that it is on YT?

Bingles said...

In vino veritas!

Mary Kunz Goldman said...

Larry, I love that cheese line! That is a classic clip and it is the greatest that it is up on YouTube.

Bing, in vino veritas is right!