Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A new day dawns

I have been going faithfully to estate sales for how long now? And I am finally getting my reward.

Estate sales are coming to me!

I got an, ahem, private message from a couple who identify themselves as "secret Web log readers." They have hipped me to a sale coming up in Kenmore. They sent me pictures of the stuff at the sale! That is the sale's record department pictured above.

Look at that! It is like Sattler's in the 1950s! Up until now I have been there only in my dreams. Now, it looks as if my dreams are coming to life.

Check out that Lauritz Melchior album. I have a great picture of Leonard Pennario with Lauritz Melchior who was a great Wagnerian Heldentenor.

And that Capitol jacket, that sure looks promising.

There is also this hard core Wagner.

This is great! It is like having a crystal ball. Now the next step is to get this crystal ball rolling. Ha, ha! I love to mix metaphors before I am through with my coffee.

I must arrange to buy my stuff before I get there.

When I arrive at the estate sale I want everything set aside for me that I would want, packed up and ready to go. All the Leonard Pennario recordings, Capitol and RCA. Other quality pianists I love: William Kapell, Arthur Rubinstein, Earl Wild, get them in bags and ready to go. What the heck, all the classical vinyl. My friends and I can divvy it up.

Catholic esoterica too. Anything relating to pre-Vatican II Catholicism. Missals, rosaries, statues, Gregorian and Ambrosian chant, pieces of St. Joseph's New Cathedral, and may I remind everyone I am still looking for a white lace chapel veil. Pack it up, put my name on it, I'll be by to get it.

I also like pretty wine glasses and champagne flutes. That is a phrase I love, champagne flutes. And tablecloths. My friend Marta is also into tablecloths so maybe the estate sale people could throw in one for her.

Perhaps I would not even have to go to the sale! They could bring it to my door. It would be like St. Vincent de Paul's in reverse. Instead of picking up your stuff they would drop stuff off.

Hmmm! There is another idea for a needed service. Imagine how that would look to your neighbors. A truck from Vinnie D's or from Amvets pulls up in front of your house and burly guys get out and instead of taking your stuff away they carry stuff into your house.

You would be the envy of all!


Larry said...

Is BigBlue full yet? j/k

When I read, "Estate sales are coming to me!", I thought I was next going to read where you had been elected to be some kind of clearing house or something. Hmmm...

I have a little Latvian friend who makes Catholic music and, it is very beautiful. Guitar and flute, not sure what else. Wanna listen?

Prof. G said...

Confusion Dept: You have A New Day Dawns on your regular page. You have Star Crossed Lovers on the Music Critic page, which also has a different entry for the main page in the right upper corner. Was ist los? Did you forget to post?