Saturday, March 20, 2010

Idol pursuit

We went to McGee's and saw John Stevens perform. He is the crooner from Williamsville East High School who made it big on "American Idol."

John Stevens was taller than I had thought.  I never actually saw him on "American Idol." I have never seen that show. People tell me how much fun it is and I believe them. But you cannot do everything, you know? There are certain things I want to get around to and something has to take a hit and in my life, that something is television. I realize I am out of it on that account but it cannot be helped.

John Stevens was singing with a great band which included our friend George Caldwell, shown here in this rare private photo with his wife, Connie, in front of the fireplace at our friend Gary's house.

George used to play with the Basie band with Joe Williams. I was thinking at McGee's, I have no idea where John Stevens' career will take him but he will never have a pianist better than George Caldwell behind him, that is for sure. Imagine, here you are fresh out of Berklee and you get to sing with Joe Williams' pianist. Incredible.

Only in Buffalo!

Leonard Pennario and I used to talk about jazz singers we loved. He loved Ella Fitzgerald and a few times they hung out together backstage.

I loved Joe Williams. Remember when he died? He got up and walked out of the hospital and collapsed on the sidewalk. He walked out of the hospital. I was so sad but I loved that he did that.

There are jazz guys who are jerks. Check out my, ahem, music critic Web log about Keith Jarrett being a jerk.

Then there are men like Joe Williams.

Here is a beautiful Joe Williams song.


Unknown said...

I want to hear your stories about Mark Murphy!

Larry said...

All of this is Greek to me but, like you, something had to 'take the hit', lol. At least I did see AI one time though!

Anonymous said...

Why more comments about jazz musicians being jerks? Geez!

Prof. G said...

Anonymous, it's not just jazz musicians. When critics write, all musicans and creative people in general need to realize that they're being written about by their betters...unless they're safely dead and at least 100 years of posterity has proved their superiority to critics. There are exceptions among critics, but they are few.