Sunday, February 7, 2010


Over the river and through the woods, to the estate sales we go! Today I spent about $100.

The greatest sale was on South Huxley Drive in Cheektowaga. Which served me right because all the way there I was mocking it out. "We won't find anything," I said. Though I was laughing and everything. It was not as if I minded going.


I got a round table for the front sun room for $20. That is because I am married to Howard and because of all his high-minded ideas it is like being married to King Arthur.

I also bought the lamp on top of it for another $9. And a green tablecloth for my back room with a scalloped edge. I also bought a railroad calendar for Howard for $6. The railroad calendars were not actually part of the estate sale. These duffers were just selling them. They looked at me with new approval when I said, "And I would like one of the railroad calendars, too."

Why yes, little lady!

I bought another lamp for $2.50 and then it was on to the next estate sale.

This one was fun! That is where I bought... this is a goodie ... a Talking Proud pin! With a cloisonne buffalo! Sort of like this.

That was a score, I will say that. Not a Leonard Pennario record but certainly the next best thing.

I also got four runners for my table, a total of 11 placemats (three different designs), eight napkins and seven T-shirts with beautiful colors and snobby labels. What else? This beautiful never-used Hawaiian purse, that was a score. And I bought a present for my friend Lizzie. She is always buying me presents from sales and now I have one for her. And I bought red wool socks. That is for when I go Nordic skiing.

Then I almost shoplifted a Crock-Pot Cookbook. I stuck it in my purse so as not to have to carry it and I only remembered it when I was checking out.

"That's OK," the guy told me. "Go ahead and shoplift that."

So now I am the order of a free Crock-Pot cookbook.

I cannot possibly top this next week.


Edmund said...


I got a fantastic 'Talking Proud' patch for myself a few years ago at an estate sale. It's right next to me as I write this.

The creepy estate sale, please elaborate. Did you feel like you were going through a crime scene? Was it smelly?

Do you remember the old estate sale firm, called Ida Mae? Was that the group that would always bring in that cheap chinese furniture and the fake tiffany lamps?

Larry said...

Wow! What a haul! You guys might have to get another 'Big Blue' to hold all the loot, lol.

Why did I think of you (Mary) this morning when I made a batch of chocolate fudge, lol? Maybe because I remember your saying that you had a glass-top stove like my new one is. Not sure I really like it yet but time will tell.