Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Balancing act

Today on top of all the work I was doing my mother called up. She had this checkup to go to and she did not want to drive because it was snowy and also the Check Coolant light keeps coming on in her car. So she wanted me to drive her over to Sister's for her checkup.

Which I did. And I met my mom's doctor, which was one nice thing. The not so nice thing was, I have to be honest, he had no use for me.

He has probably had it with people's daughters.

There was one time when he asked my mother how she was doing. "Fine," she said.

"No problems?"

"No, I feel fine," she said. I loved that. That is the greatest thing, to be able to say you feel fine.

Then she admitted she had a little problem with balance. The doctor shrugged.

"Best thing, prevention," he said. He told her to use a cane and just make sure she does not fall.

Then I spoke up. I used to do this with Leonard Pennario's doctors, too. I was always asking questions and thinking I could fix things. I asked my mom's doctor if there was anything we could do to help her balance.

He looked at me as if I was nuts. "No," he said.

I persevered. "No exercise or anything?" I said. "I was thinking that maybe a certain exercise might help?" I was thinking of the Pilates classes I take. People are always falling all over the place at first but then they get better at it.

The doctor turned back to his computer.

"No," he said.

He had had it with me.

Well, my mother loves this guy, so what the heck. She is impressed by his computer and she likes how when you leave the office, they give you a written report, all folded in thirds with numbers and suggestions. Also there were a couple of things she did not want brought up and the doctor did not bring them up and that was good news, too. So, we come out ahead.

On balance.

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Larry said...

That does not sound like the world's greatest doctor regardless of his computer! Sure hope mom gets over the balance thing. Is she by any chance on any 'light' sedatives? Benzodiazepines are notorious for causing that.