Sunday, December 20, 2009

Decisions, decisions

Zut alors, I have been cleaning the house all day! And before that my computer was fritzing out. So now I weigh in, after all this time.

All day I weeded through the bedroom taking stuff off of dressers. Then I cleaned out the dresser drawers. It took forever. Depressing and dusty work. However. However! I did find two letters I had written about Leonard Pennario to two very important personages, hoping I could interview them. I thought it was funny they had not gotten back to me, now I see why! Well, I hope this is the reason why anyway.

There were these two letters, sitting there unstamped and unsent.

Tomorrow, off they go! Well, I will rewrite the letters to update the dates.

I have an idea that if I can get the house less chaotic I will be able to work better. Let us hope! I have to say that cooking dinner was easier. There was this Cooking Light kicking around and I found a rice pilaf with apples to go with this pork tenderloin I have at the ready.

Above is a picture of my prep work, with leeks and apples on the cutting board. Observe the green cabbage visible at left. "Cabbage is often served with pork at the German table." I read that in a cookbook. Howard and I are German so our table is too and cabbage is often served with pork there.

If you are wondering what that green column is to the right in the picture it is Comet cleanser! Howard swears by it and it turns up everywhere in the house.

Two ancient brand names: Comet and Ajax. They are both my best friends these days, I have to say that!

Are you a Comet person or an Ajax person? It is like asking if someone is a Beatles person or a Stones person. Or a Coke person or a Pepsi person!

I love to play games like that. They are always floating around Facebook!

Beatles or Stones? Stones.

Pennario or Gould? Pennario.

Pink or red? Pink.

Apples or oranges? Apples.

Kander and Ebb or Shire and Maltby? Shire and Maltby.

Chicken wings or beef on weck? Beef on weck.

Quality or Jubilee? Jubilee.

Skirts or pants? Skirts.

Bath or shower? Bath.

This is fun! Coming up with the questions is as much fun as coming up with the answers. But back to the beginning.

Comet or Ajax?

That is the big question.


Prof. G. said...

Bach or Beethoven?

Silbermann or Cavaille-Coll? (Figure THAT one out.)

More of decisions, decisions...

Larry said...

When I was a kid, my Dad used to use Comet to scrub out the cylinder bores in auto engine blocks, after honing, that he was rebuilding. That was the final finish before installing the pistons and rings. That was also many years ago! :) Comet is the cleanser in this house.

John Callahan said...

Just looked in my kitchen, both.

Ryan said...

I usually buy Old Dutch cleanser. I think it's more because I'm entertained by the Old Dutch woman on the package than for any other reason.

Now, about your Comet. After examining the picture, I question whether that is genuine Comet cleanser after all. I think an investigation is in order.

Bonnie said...

Ajax( the bleaching cleanser ba da ba da da da, floats the dirt? stains? right down the drain, ba da ba da ba da bum) As for your picture "one of these things is not like the other"....or do you cook with comet?

Libby Maeder said...

Ha, ha! I thought it was Kraft Parmesan cheese there in the picture! Howard's love of Comet reminds me of the father's love of Windex in "Big Fat Greek Wedding."

Comet, Mary, because that is what my mom used.

When my 18 y.o. son Jake was a little kid, one of the ways we passed time in the car was a version of this we called Either Or. I'd say things, he'd choose his favorite, then I'd pair the favorite up with something else and he'd have to keep choosing. "Cheeseburgers or pizza?" Cheeseburgers! "Cheeseburgers or cartoons?" Cartoons! "Cartoons or swimming?" Swimming!... See More

He's a mechanical engineering student now...that orderly choosing game is the reason, I'm sure!

Mary Kunz Goldman said...

Ryan, the cleanser is a Comet knock-off! I wondered if anyone would notice that.

Libby, the reason I mentioned it to begin with was I was afraid people would think it was that Kraft Parmesan. That is a whole other topic for another day, the green Kraft Parmesan. I love your "better than" game, too! So funny.