Monday, December 21, 2009

Bright, shiny Monday

I awoke this morning all excited about my clean bedroom. Yesterday I will tell you this, I hated to take time out from working on the book to clean the house. But comes a time, you know?

All I can think is that it will help me think and be organized. It works that way in the office, too. Every once in a while I take two hours or something and just deep-clean my desk and its surroundings. It makes me feel so much better and tasks do not seem as onerous. When things are a mess you start to feel defeated. That is not me! I do not like to feel defeated. It is unnatural!

We are not going to be or feel defeated here at the Leonard Pennario desk.

Speaking of which, last night news reached the Leonard Pennario desk that my friend Larry has taken the clip of Pennario playing Debussy and boogie-woogie on the Kraft Music Hall show and posted it on YouTube. Click here to see it! Larry is my indispensable tech director. He is from Pennsylvania but originally he is from Appalachia. He goes back to Appalachia once in a while to visit and while he is there he is unreachable.

But last night he was not in Appalachia and he posted this Kraft Music Hall show. It is so sweet to see. He keeps returning to this picture of Pennario in the Army. Just the spirit of the whole thing is wonderful.

I told Larry, anyone who watches this will fall in love with Pennario. Besides being this great pianist he is just so adorable!

Which, how many great pianists can you say that about.

I know how to pick 'em!

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Larry said...

Good pick, indeed, Mary, lol. One of the main reasons I felt the need to post the clip from the Kraft Music Hall (1947) show was the rare and delightful opportunity it presented to be able to hear the master's voice in a jolly and fun atmosphere. Another reason was his informal and spontaneous playing of that 'Drum Boogie'. That was so awesome, lol! Hopefully, more of these rare shows will pop up.