Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The countdown begins

Just now I took the rubber bands off my teeth for what I believe is the last time.

Enough of those rubber bands!

Yesterday horsing around on the Internet I found to my astonishment that it looks as if Ugly Betty and I could get our braces off the exact same week. Remember Ugly Betty? Entertainment Weekly says that Jan. 6 could be the magic date for her. That is next Wednesday! In that episode she is supposedly meeting with her ortho and the people who follow such things think that she is going to get the braces off then.

Even though I have not seen "Ugly Betty" I get a kick out of the genuine effort she seems to make to be ugly. Without the braces she is this beautiful Hispanic model-type but for this Ugly Betty character she does seem to go that extra mile. I mean, look at this picture from an episode where she goes to the ortho.

Here is a picture of Betty's ortho. Ha, ha! I have been there!

Much, much speculation surrounds Ugly Betty and her "signature braces," as people refer to them.

A lot of the show's fans are worried about what is going to happen when they come off!

Speaking of which there is speculation surrounding my braces and what the opera singer who loved Leonard Pennario said to me to make me get these braces. That is a good story and it is nice of people to ask about it! But I cannot tell it just yet.

It is so weird to remember that situation! Those days in California. It is like remembering a strange dream.

Back to Ugly Betty. I have never watched the show but you know what, I just might have to watch it next Wednesday. Once in a while it would behoove me to look in on shows like this, anyway. For instance I have never seen "Sex and the City" and I have never seen "Seinfeld" and I miss out on a lot of references because of that. Last week I was wondering what Festiva was because everyone was talking about it and then, oh, of course, it's "Seinfeld."

The power these people have to shape how everyone thinks and behaves! It is amazing!

Anyway, Wednesday I will have to see Ugly Betty get her braces off. I will have to compare my experiences with hers.

Of course it would be better if she watched me get my braces off too.

That way it would be a two-way street!

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Larry said...

Hope it all went well, Mary.

I have never seen Seinfeld or Ugly Betty. Heck, I have never seen 99% of any of that stuff that everyone talks about. For one thing, I never cared much for comedy on TV and, I have always felt that most TV shows were boring and a waste of time. Commercial-free movies are about the extent of my TV when I do watch it, lol.