Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Un-game

Behind the eight ball, terribly, terribly.

House untidied.

Body, un-exercised.

Thanksgiving, unprepared for.

Correspondence unanswered.

Lost checkbook un-found.

Computer unhinged.

Rosary unprayed.

Stories at work unwritten.

First draft of Leonard Pennario book unfinished.

Day ahead unimaginable.

But ...

...Me, undeterred!


Budd Bailey said...

Unbelievably unusual post.

Larry said...

It beez like that sometimes. Come and join me where Thanksgiving is just another day. In fact, there are no holidays period here. I would prefer to have a family and the things, but, it is OK. Please try to relax. Go see Gary and tell him I sent you!