Wednesday, November 25, 2009

What we never think to thank for

What with Thanksgiving coming up everyone is talking about things he is thankful for. I thank God for slow news days.

Today is a dandy!

They caught that pickpocket who has been taking money out of people's purses when they are at church. She was hiding in a trailer in the Southtowns.

Governor Paterson's cuts go nowhere.

To shop or not to shop the day after Thanksgiving?

A bank robber suspect was caught red-handed.

Showers are likely, particularly after 3 p.m.

There is even a story about our sleepy grizzled old-as-Lou-Rawls motorcycle gangs, the Kingsmen and the Chosen Few.

That is a slow news day!

Sometimes I think I do not normally appreciate them enough, these days when I try to get done what work I can, take phone calls, see what Tom Bauerle and Sandy Beach are talking about on the radio, stop by the Pearl Street after work, cook dinner, see my mom, remember this and that about Leonard Pennario.
How about that picture of Pennario up above? I just found it on the Internet. I never saw it before.

Look at his hands. As I wrote on my, ahem, Music Critic blog, I used to love his hands.

And listen to that link, that beautiful Chopin waltz. I love the person who comments on the video. "Very deep and sweet."

How eloquent that is! And how true.

Where was I?

You go through all these slow news days like this and don't think about them much and then suddenly something disastrous happens. Planes plow into our buildings, someone you care about dies, an oik gets elected president, whatever. Or think about this, you might catch a cold. Even that can be ruinous.

So on Thanksgiving I give thanks for days like this.



Larry said...

There is an awful lot for me to be thankful for then.

That is a very nice picture!

Anonymous said...

Mary, Happy thanksgiving to you and Howard and your families. AAR

Christopher Byrd said...

Mary & Howard,

Happy Thanksgiving!

Larry said...

Mary and Howard, Happy Thanksgiving!