Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I am a camera

I have been revisiting some of the wonderful photographs I have taken. I am skilled. I am gifted!

The picture above cracks me up. You would think it was in Europe. But no, it is just downtown Buffalo. It is our old City Hall.

Only in Buffalo would a building like that not be big enough to be our City Hall.

It could not contain our bureaucracy!

So we built a new City Hall and now the old one is our County Hall. That is how I understand it anyway.

Here is a picture I took in my Blue Period.

Also in my Blue Period, a record I bought the other day.

The sun setting today outside my office window.

Fog outside my front sun room.

A photo I took one day walking along the waterfront listening to Leonard Pennario and hoping that a big freighter would sail into view.

Nope, no ship. No luck.

Still life with estate sale.

It is amazing how the time flashes past. Digital cameras make this worse. You take more pictures than ever before and then you go through them and you think, oh, I remember that day. That was so long ago! How did it get to be so long ago?

Here is a picture I took of a sunrise across from my house. Last winter. Was that a year ago?

Sunrise, sunset.

Quickly fly the days!


Larry said...

Yep, the days do fly by quickly. The speed of which is directly proportional one's age. Just you wait, lol!

Those pictures are so lovely, and the calm water ones look so out of place right now since we are now in day 2 of at least a 3 day ferocious nor'easter. Our Governor Kaine declared the state of Virginia a disaster area yesterday! The waterfront looks like something from a terrible dream!

Prof. G said...

If I can show off...

Your lead picture (County Hall) shows the faces of a public clock that I keep running, as a volunteer. It's still driven by weights and pendulum and it has a feature on it that is a copy of part of the Big Ben clock in London.