Saturday, November 28, 2009

Goodwill hunting

That picture makes it look as if the Buffalo River is on fire! It is the sunset from the day before Thanksgiving. I took it from my office window.

That weird object you see in the sky is the fluorescent light reflected in the window!

Not long ago I read that Buffalo gets wonderful sunsets because of the Great Lakes. There is something about the clouds and the weather patterns. And that day proved it. All day it was drab and miserable. Then suddenly came this wonderful sunset.

That is the way I remember it anyway. So much has happened since then what with being up at 4:30 a.m. and cooking my Thanksgiving dinner. Now all that is behind me. Te deum laudamus!

One thing funny this year was that I had almost no leftovers. That turkey went.

All of it!

My last act upon retiring was to crack up the turkey carcass and put it into two crock pots and cover the bones with water and set it on Low. Listen to me, talking about cracking up the turkey carcass. I sound like Sarah Palin talking about her father teaching her to hunt. Rugged language!

So now I have all this turkey broth.

Although the table still looks like this.

I could have cleared the table today but no, I went to Goodwill with my mother. I bought this Arthur Fiedler box set. Three records! Just because one of the tracks was Leonard Pennario playing the Litolff Scherzo. That link gives you the version only by Philippe Entremont but although he is wimpy next to Pennario it is better than nothing.

Best of all the box set had a picture page which, Howard asked, does it show Fiedler on the roof? No it does not! But it does show Fiedler with a small select few greats of the musical world. One was the singer Robert Merrill and another was Duke Ellington. And I loved the picture at the top of the page. Arthur Fiedler with Leonard Pennario!

It was a picture of Pennario I did not have!

I will have to work at scanning it into the Web log.

Clearing the Thanksgiving table will just have to wait.

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