Thursday, October 8, 2009

The medium yawned

Such a spooky story that my Facebook friend Bonnie told yesterday! Bonnie wrote:

When I was 16 I was ouija-ing with my friend and we scared ourselves silly. The board told me I would marry a man with initials GWB. However it told her the same thing. And guess what...we both did. Neither marriage lasted, tho mine was 23 years.


Stay away from those Ouija boards, Bonnie!

Bonnie, she is wild! The other day in a comment she indicated she also went to Lily Dale and had stories. What stories, Bonnie? I will go on and lecture you to stay away from Lily Dale too but that does not mean I do not want to hear the stories.

Last year in October I wrote from time to time about my own experiences at Lily Dale which, trust me, have concluded. Note to out-of-towners: Lily Dale is a spooky little spiritualist hamlet not far from Buffalo. The streets are all lined with crooked little faded Victorians and mediums hang out their shingles. That is a picture of a Lily Dale house up above. It is a typical Lily Dale house!

I went to Lily Dale only once or twice. My friends dragged me. That is how you get to Lily Dale. Your friends drag you.

Everyone in Buffalo has been to Lily Dale and you can always get into debates with other Buffalonians about whether the mediums -- media -- in Lily Dale know what they are doing and are really getting messages from beyond or if it is showmanship.

Once when I was getting my fortune told the medium yawned. That is how exciting my life is!

That was the day when three of us from the paper went up to do a Hallowe'en story and were rating the media and their accuracy and their performances. I had to put in the paper that the medium yawned. I just had to.

Now this is funny. I had to go to two media and the one that did not yawn, I remember she told me something about initials. She told me that I was going to get involved in a project with a very elegant person and it was going to be very successful. And she gave me initials and I am 90 percent sure they were L.P. I seem to remember that because I was expecting her to give another person's initials. And they were almost the initials I was expecting but they were not.

So, those initials, L.P. I am ashamed to say that sometimes when the book on Leonard Pennario seems to be slow going, I think back on that and it reassures me that everything will turn out OK.

As soon as I think that I get mad at myself. Because I feel ashamed of having gone to Lily Dale and listened to these people. I feel bad that I did not know better. I do not want or need assistance from the dark side, that is for sure!

That is how my mind goes. Meanwhile there is this tape sitting around somewhere. I do not think I should let myself listen to it.

Oh, my goodness.

It just occurred to me that I had probably written about this initial business before, last October. So I looked it up. And I had! I even used the same phrase about assistance from the dark side, how about that?

And here is the thing: I wrote about it exactly a year ago today!



Ward said...

"...two media..."?
Don't know why--it may even be correct--but that was a bit of nails on the old grammar blackboard. "Two mediums" may sound a little declasse, but I'm going with it.
Let me know how your medium colleagues vote.

Bob Reuther said...

Your rant and your picture of the community I grew up in and now raise my family in is simply an prime example of a dark and empty mind. Which is yours. There may be mediums here who are not very good, I certainly wouldn't argue that point. But, after reading your blog and your column in the News, I wouldn't argue with the fact you're not a very good writer.

Bob Reuther
Lily Dale

Larry said...

Bob, you are 'the prime example'.