Monday, October 12, 2009

Big night

Last night we went downtown to witness the historic opening of the art exhibit "Jackie Jocko and His Friends." That is Howard up above posing next to his portrait! We all thought the artist, Rick Williams, captured him.

Here is the complete portrait of Howard and me. I am pre-braces and that is my old haircut.

The portrait costs $400! If you want it to hang in your living room that is what you will have to pay.

Howard and I posed with legendary Buffalo News society editor Erna Eaton. I will never be able to remember to smile with my mouth shut! I can never keep my mouth shut under any circumstances.

From left to right, I give you Jaguar dealer Ray Ammerman, real estate magnate Alan Hastings and my friend Gary who teaches classical ballet at Niagara University. They are standing next to maps that illustrate Italian immigration to Buffalo.

There was a book on display about Italian immigration to Buffalo. I checked to make sure there was no reference to Leonard Pennario, which, there never is. Yep, they skipped him right over! Here is the index which shows it goes right from "Parishes, immigrant" to "Poles in Buffalo."

Here is Howard with Jocko, center, and the artist Rick Williams at right. Rick Williams looks so bushed! In his non-artist life he just retired as a judge in Washington, D.C. Howard is wearing one of Pennario's ties. I forgot to mention that.

Vocalist Ray Ammerman and Howard took requests - but they still wouldn't stop or go play in traffic.

The rest of the pictures will have to wait until later. Unlike many other people I have to work on Columbus Day.

But it was an evening to remember!


Rick said...

There will be a closing reception for the Jackie Jocko exhibit at the Gateway Gallery on Sat. 10/31 from 1 to 8 pm. Steve will answer the door. The prices for all pieces have been cut in half and will be further reduced if necessary. Most will still end up in the basement but there will be wine and good music (e.g., Sinatra, Martin, Jerry Vale,Caruso). I'll enjoy my self and then I'll bum a ride to see Jackie at the Hyatt.

Rick Williams said...

I goofed on the date for the closing reception for "Jackie Jocko and His Friends" The gallery will be open this weekend as follows: Thursday 1 to 6, Friday 1 to 8 and Sat. 1-6. The closing reception will be Friday, 10/30 from 6 until 8 (will definely go later than 8, even if it is just me.) Lots of wine, good music and dancing Friday night.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to add if I can't get Jackie Friday night we will bring the party to him.