Friday, September 25, 2009

Portrait of mystery

In the Strange Problems I Have department there is now this. There is this art exhibition opening Oct. 10 at Gateway Gallery, 141 Elmwood Avenue in Buffalo, and it includes a painting of Howard and me. But the painting is not us!

It is of a whole other couple!

That is the painting up above. They are even using it on a promotional postcard for the exhibit. I propped it up on Howard's computer keyboard to take the picture which explains the letters at the bottom.

Does anyone know who those people are?

The exhibit is by the painter Rick Williams. He is a judge in Washington, D.C. but now he is retiring. Like Leonard Pennario he is from Buffalo originally. And he is going to be moving back to Buffalo with his wife and spend part of every year here.

The first thing Williams is doing back in Buffalo is having this exhibition at an Elmwood gallery he owns and the exhibit is going to center on Jackie Jocko and his circle. Howard and I are part of Jocko's circle which is how we wound up inadvertently in this exhibit.

But there was some kind of mix-up. Jocko told us the painting above is of us. But it is not of us.

They may as well substitute a picture of the Duane Paddocks.

What a situation!

Lastnight Howard and I could not go to sleep because we were worrying about it. It is a serious problem because the exhibition opens in a scant few weeks. And there will be a tag on this picture saying it is us.

Finally Howard rolled out of bed. "I am going to get this straightened out," he said.

He sent an email to the artist. But we still have not heard back.

We do not know what will happen!


Prohibition said...

From posted photos I recognize Howard and Jocko, even though Howard looks like a Roaring 20s gangster. As for the woman, she looks like a moll. Wanna sue the portraitist?

Becky said...

Maybe if he added braces... :)

Mary Kunz Goldman said...

Becky! That would not look like me even if he added braces! I do not even own shades like that. Hmmmph.

Anonymous said...

Wanna Run the photo he worked from?

Mary Kunz Goldman said...

Anonymous, we do not know what photo he worked from. I have no hat like that or glasses like that or coat like that. That is unmistakeably Jocko at the bottom of the picture, though, so the artist can draw...

Rick Williams said...

The identity of the couple will forever remain a mystery but I can tell you this: The woman's clothes are stright out of "Breakfast at Tiffanys", to include the cool Hepburn glasses.

Rick Williams

Howard Goldman said...


Perhaps the original photo could help us solve this mystery. Would you mind sending me a copy?


Rick said...

Hello Howard. I just read this a couple of days ago. I never scrolled all the down to see it until then. I sure would have answered right away had I known.

My original idea was to paint Jackie's friends as I imagined them: eccentric, fun, interesting. And I did that with a number of paintings, to include the one in question. These paintings came in part from photos but I added many things, including
the clothes from many sources, including my head. So there is no one photo. Such paintings are easier and more fun to do than trying to get a likeness from a flat surface of someone you have never met.