Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Happy hour at Big Blue

At the paper we have a little group of people who get together regularly every other month or so for a happy hour. And yesterday because it was Howard's birthday we held the happy hour at Big Blue.

Above is a picture of my friend Jane with lounge sensation Guy Boleri whom we love to write about on this Web log. And visible in the background, sporting shorts, is the great crime reporter Lou Michel. Lou Michel and his colleague Dan Herbeck wrote the best-seller "American Terrorist."

Here are Howard's birthday cakes which were baked by the great pastry chef Margy Miller who is recently arrived from Utah. There are two cakes because he likes all flavors of cake and it was hard to choose one.

I wanted to do the terrace of Big Blue up nicely because it is on the rugged side. So my friend Lizzie spent the afternoon with me, putting up lights.

Lizzie is an ace at decorating because she scouts garage sales for interesting items. She says, "I go through their Christmas stuff." That is a smart thing to do! One thing she got was this white globe about seven inches across covered with twinkly lights. She said she paid a dime for it.

That is wise, wise shopping!

Howard led a tour of Big Blue. Our happy hour group explored the Blue Room where there is a piano on stage and examined the pictures of Leonard Pennario on the walls.

I had fun and now I would like to have an actual party, is what I am thinking. It is time I got back into entertaining!

When I go to garage sales with my mom, I will have to look through their Christmas stuff.

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