Thursday, August 20, 2009

My week of living dangerously

In an effort to get my act together I have been getting up every morning this week at 6 a.m. Above is a picture of me getting up! I am wafting through my days.

La la la la la la la.

The idea is that I work on the book for an hour and a half. By 8 a.m. I have to have knocked it off even though that is difficult for me. You know me, I start talking about Leonard Pennario, I want to continue talking about Leonard Pennario.

Then there are other things I have to take care of including mopping up the puddles of water the fridge throws all over the kitchen floor, figuring out what to wear, and packing Howard's and my lunches.

Every morning that I get behind in my schedule an inquest follows the way an inquest follows a plane crash. I dig up the black box and try to figure out what went wrong.

One morning it was the lunches that tripped me up. I thought everything was ready but I had not counted on washing lettuce or finding containers. Zut alors! That zut alors is for my Facebook friend Justine who sent me a private note telling me I say that too much. Two words, Justine: Zut. Alors.

Another time I took too long rambling along on this Web log. I could not help that! Yammering away on the Web log is fun.

Another time I put on and then rejected 45 outfits without finding anything I wanted to wear to work. That is usually the situation and something must be done.

However there have been triumphs too!

I made it to the gym twice this week including one session of Mini Total Body Sculpt. That is a class title I love. I love the concept of "mini total."

The book is zooming along.

Now there are only two things left on this pivotal week of getting my act together and they are Confession ...

... and a haircut.

This being Thursday I have to get creative if I am going to knock both these things off before the week is up.

Can I get someone to cut my hair while I am in the confessional confessing? That is an idea. The one gal at the Ellicott Square Hair Salon who cuts my hair talks practically no English so that could work. I mean, she would not understand any of my sins.

Perhaps the priest could come into the hair salon and we could do face-to-face confession while I am getting my hair cut. I do not think there is a law that you have to be in a church.

You see, this is what happens when you get up at dawn five days in a row.

You learn to think outside the box!


Ward said...

Heck, I confess my sins all the time while getting a haircut.
Well, maybe only the minor offenses that you usually make up in order to let the other biggies slide ...

Larry said...

Hmmm, I cut my own hair. That might work for you?

Poor Justine has a lot to learn.


"Another time I put on and then rejected 45 outfits without finding anything I wanted to wear to work. That is usually the situation and something must be done.


Although I cannot identify with this problem because I have not owned 45 outfits in my 60+ years of existence, I have an idea that might help.

Have you ever thought of trying to find something at a 'yard sale'?

Art said...

I never get tired of hearing "zut
and "alors."

John Callahan said...

wayyyyyyyyy outside the box

Marta said...

45 outfits: Proof that you've been haunting too many yard sales.

Steve Cichon said...

A straight-up "Zut" is always good to mix it up. Another ol' stand by, "Son of a Sea Cook," is also a goodie. That dates back to my great grandmother, who was the daughter of a sailor.

Michael said...

I enjoy the "Zut Alor"

Stephen said...

I thought you were "perfect." What in the world would you have to confess?

Bonnie said...
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