Thursday, August 6, 2009

Blue moon

This is the moon as seen from the courtyard of Big Blue. Howard took the picture lastnight. It is beautiful if a little spooky.

We love the lighted windows in the Crosby Building!

I am sure there are lighted windows at the Buffalo and Erie County Public Library too although that is a few blocks away and they are not visible.

Those oiks at the library are up all night trying to think of ways to make my life miserable!

Remember how I returned those seven books? Today I got an email from the library. It is the first email I have gotten from them in a year!

They detailed all the books I brought back and cataloged them with all the fines owed and are demanding the final three and threatening me with a collection agency.


Can you beat these people?

I would be better off if I were dealing with Conan the Librarian!

If I had not brought back those books I would not even have been on their radar. But now that I have come forward, oh, now they throw the book at me. Throw the book at me, get it? AHAHAHAHAA.

Wait till I am done with my book on Leonard Pennario and they want a copy.

Just wait.

1 comment:

Larry said...

lol, Looks like you have opened a can of worms. err make that a book of worms. :)