Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A turkey in the pot

Just now I took this big turkey breast and heaved it into the Crock pot along with white wine and a bay leaf and rosemary and garlic. I got the recipe out of the New Betty Crocker Crockery Cookbook.

Above is a picture of the operation which, trust me, was arduous!

The Betty Crocker New Crockery Cookbook is one of those cookbooks I picked up at the library for a buck.

New, haha.

It is from 1987!

There are things I like about old cookbooks.

They call for dried herbs. They do not do as Martha Stewart does and assume that you have fresh herbs always at your beck and call.

They do not call for fresh ginger. I hate trying to grate or slice fresh ginger.

They do not say, "Serve with hot cooked rice." They assume you know to cook the rice.

Yes, it was a good year, 1987.

That is the year when Leonard Pennario played the Rachmaninoff Second at Carnegie Hall, I forget for what occasion except Wynton Marsalis ...

... was also on the bill, playing something. It was for the benefit of some kind of youth arts program.

My brother George and I had this experience with Wynton Marsalis. It was years ago and we were backstage kicking around somewhere and we wanted his autograph. And George hands him this little golf pencil -- you know, the kind of little pencil you use when you are playing mini golf or marking down bowling scores.

And Wynton goes, "Don't do this to me, man!"

As I remember he did not sign. But we did not care whether he did or not. We were too busy laughing. Now we still say that. "Don't do this to me, man!" And we think of Wynton Marsalis.

It is funny how stuff like this sticks with you. I could email that to George right now. "Don't do this to me, man," I might write. And he would know what I meant!

How did I get here?

What am I doing, talking about Leonard Pennario when I should be talking turkey? I need to get a life.

Alas, I do have a life.

It is just that it is somebody else's!

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Larry said...

That sourdough bread dough might have made a good stuffing. Bake it all at the same time. Now that would have been a sight to behold, I bet!

Hey, I might have the same cookbook. Well, mine does not say anything about crockery though. It is a red, hardbound, five ringed loose leaf 1986 Betty Crocker's, New and Revised. It has the herbs sheet pasted on the inside front cover and measurements on the back one. :)