Thursday, July 9, 2009

The highway of life

Today is Leonard Pennario's birthday. He would have been 85 today. He still would have had five years to go before he hit the dreaded 90. We had a joke about that.

What about the 90? That is it up above!

What about the 990? I have to take it today when I go to the chiro. That is the 990 pictured at left. I would have run a bigger picture but darn! The only ones I can find are on this site called Interstate Guide which will not let you copy big pictures. That is an amazing site. It is devoted to pictures of Thruway exits! There are thousands!

My brother George and I are into Thruway history: exits, tollbooths, footbridges. I will have to mention this site to him. Are there any other Thruway fans out there? I am just wondering.

Talking about Pennario's birthday, I spoke with Joan Benny yesterday. She is the daughter of Jack Benny. It was a fascinating interview and one thing we talked about was the famous bridge game in which Pennario, Joan Benny and two other music types beat a top team of financiers including my boss, Warren Buffet.

Some months ago I was trying to get a hold of Warren Buffet to ask him what he remembered of that incident, and I spoke with his secretary. I heard that Buffet favored Buffalo News employees but I never did hear back from his secretary, zut alors.

Perhaps Warren Buffet is mad that Pennario beat him.

It must be something!

I have to say one thing: I like my life now that I am mixing and mingling with these people. It has been such an honor to have met Pennario and to be tracking him along the journey of his life. Which even included the 90 on occasion. He told me that!

I am thinking of him on his birthday.

I am listening to him playing this beautiful Schumann.


Larry said...

Happy Birthday Leonard Pennario, R.I.P.

That Schumann Quartet piece is so beautiful.

Howard Goldman said...

To honor Maestro Pennario's birthday, I will wear one of his shirts today and have a drink with his friend, Bobby Bonzo.

Larry said...

Good man, Howard!

Yourstilniagarafalls said...

Leonard Pennario's birthday was mentioned this morning on WBFO (around 8:15 am). Your name and your book were also mentioned.